The Stand Out Leader Incubator

Your time to be a Stand Out Leader is now.

You're confident in your technical skills, now it's time to build your skill and confidence as a people leader.

Enrollment opens july 6th

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Truth Talk

You know that being a great leader is important for your employees and for your career.

But the truth is, the typical leadership development programs are lacking. They aren't customized to you or practical. It's too little, too late.

There isn't a safe space for you practice, or share that you're doubting yourself or fear you will screw it up. (Who wants their boss to know that?!)

Typical programs are surface level and don't talk about the fact that you worry you'll sound dumb with other leaders.

But we know that people managers are critical.

You impact whether an employee works hard and delivers, or scrolls LinkedIn looking for a job. You are the strongest indicator in an employee's satisfaction with their job.

Let me know if this sounds familiar…

  • You want your team to love working for you

  • Development is important and you want to help your employees be their best

  • You are confident in your technical skills, but want to improve as a leader and stand out as the best

  • You try to keep up with books, podcasts, and HBR articles, but it's hard to keep up and apply it all

  • You want to give critical feedback without feeling bad about it

  • Advocating for yourself and your team can be challenging

  • You would love a community of other women leaders in the industry who get it

You're not alone, and luckily, there is a simple solution.

"I am truly mind blown by my progress in just a few months!"

- Jenna B.

I know how frustrating this is because I was on the inside, too.

Hi, I'm Melissa Lawrence.

I am a former leader of Talent & Development for a large Pharma company and have 20 years of experience developing women in the industry.

I know the strengths and the gaps of the training that is available. The problem is that you aren't properly prepared to apply what you learn and to lead from a human perspective. It's time to step out of textbook and academia learning, and into development that works.

This is people mastery. So you can be the leader you want to be and propel your career forward.

This is where people managers become people leaders.

DRUMROLL PLEASE... And that's why I'm so excited to invite you to

The Stand Out Leader Incubator

This group coaching community is like nothing you've ever experienced before. Join a curated leadership team of other women like you in the industry who are becoming confident people leaders. This is your secret weapon. Development that works.

Enroll in july. The investment is $5000. Join the waitlist to get first access to join.


Stop leading through trial and error, and become a strategic and confident people leader

Here's What You'll Learn


The Leader You Want to Be

Get clear on your unique philosophy as a leader and stop comparing yourself to others. Overcome the doubt and build the confidence to stand out in your unique way. 


Managing Yourself

Uncover the traps that are holding you back from being the leader you want to be. Overcome frustrations and get to the winning results even when you have to work with people you don’t like.


Communication Skills

Whether it's influencing others, managing up, or knowing how to communicate effectively with each of your unique employees, you're covered. You will become an improved and effective communicator at every level.


Developing Others

Have an engaged team that feels valued and sees a future with the company. Learn to Coach your employees and manage their development and performance.


Psychological Safety

Trust and inclusion are required to have a high performing team. Overcome blinds pots, become an inclusive leader and create a team that goes the extra mile for each other. Know when and how to have a team intervention and build cohesion.

The One-of-a-kind program & Community designed to

Make you the leader you want to be and skyrocket your career

Identify your unique leadership style and philosophy. This will be your roadmap to leadership decisions.

Uncover blind spots and brain traps. Overcome doubt and fear of making the wrong choice. You will be more confident than ever.

Whatever your leadership problem is, you can solve it in this space. Whether it's with coaching by Melissa or guidance from other leaders like you.

Communicate and influence every level. Manage up, down, and across so you can always get what you need. Any room. Any situation.

Know how to develop your team 1-1 and in a group so they feel valued and want to work hard for themselves and you.

Enable a culture of psychological safety and inclusion so everyone feels they belong and perform at a high level.


Development Workshops

You will participate in a LIVE hands-on workshop or training every month where you will build your skills both personally and professionally. You will get only the information you need that is practical and you can use right away to be the best leader for you and your team.

All calls are Tuesdays at 11am EST

Mindset Coaching

You will participate in a LIVE coaching call once per month to overcome your doubt, reframe your thinking, and apply what you learn in a way that your unique brain will understand. Blind spots will be discovered and you will leave each session with a clear action plan.

Collaboration Think Tank

The industry is full of high achieving women. Every manager/leader in this space has something valuable to share from their experience. Once per month you will join a Think Tank sessions to collaborate, share wins, brainstorm solutions, and problem solve. This is a safe space for you to collaborate and learn without HR involvement.


You learn in the workshops, you get coaching on the application and mindset, and you collaborate with your fellow leaders. The Community is a place for you to celebrate and get quick solutions and coaching in real-time, outside of standard calls. Get guidance on the micro issues that come up so you're never struggling alone.


What's included?

for 6 months...

You’re going to build the skills and the self-confidence to be a stand out leader alongside your curated leadership team within the program.

You are going to workshop. You are going to practice the skills you’re learning in a safe space before you implement with your team. You are going to get coached.

You are going to problem solve with your leadership team. This program is everything you need to be a stand out leader.

This is where you go from subject matter expert to leader.


In addition to everything you need to be a Stand Out Leader...

Bonus #1 - Lifetime access

During the Incubator, you will learn and master proven tools to be an effective communicator. To continue your momentum, you will have access to your personalized results and online training when your membership to the program expires.

Bonus #2 - Access to prior incubator workshops

When you join, you will get access to a member portal that includes the recordings of the workshops and materials that were delivered in the March 2023 cohort. This gives you immediate access to topics that are relevant to you right now.

Yes, It Really Works:

Angela now shows up for herself and her team

Since working with Melissa, I've been promoted twice, and now have a job I love with a team I cherish.

Having a professional, unbiased, and fearless coach to guide me through my decision making and practice real life conversations with before they happened left me better prepared and confident to advocate for myself. Best money I ever spent on myself!

Tugba found her full potential... and her dream job

Thank you for helping me open the doors to my "Zone of Genius"

At the start, I was feeling ready for my next leadership role in the Healthcare Industry. However, I did not exactly know where to start. As soon as Melissa helped me align my goals with my values and passion, all the synchronicities worked together and that dream job found me like a magic. Working with Melissa changed my life!

Rachel overcame fear and doubt as a leader

This process was so worth it & I'd recommend Melissa without hesitation.

I had a lot of doubt and fear going into a new leadership role. Negative self talk was really a problem for me. The changes I experienced in coaching influenced the entire way that I work and the way that I interact with people, respond to emails, hold meetings, it bleeds into everything. This process was so worth it.

This *is* for you if:

You are a new or experienced manager who wants to be seen as a leader and make a positive impact with your team

You care about the development and engagement of your team and want to develop them while also bringing in company results

You want a proven and simple way to be an effective manager without reading a bunch of books or attending random courses

You doubt yourself sometimes and don't want your mindset or lack of confidence to hold you back with your team or in your career

The idea of having a personalized, safe and private space for you to grow into the best leader you can sounds amazing

This is *not* for you if...

You aren't a people manage or actively working toward becoming one

You care more about the title, money and power that comes with management than you do the people

You aren't in the Pharma or Biotech industry

You are looking for a quick fix and don't enjoy self-development

You don't want to be in a community of other women leaders in the industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a people manager?

This program is for those that are people managers or actively working toward becoming one.

How do you define manager/leader?

Most development programs separate managers from leaders. Not here. You can lead from any level. Managers direct the work of at least one person.

Will it work for me?

Yes. It is impossible to fail at this program. As long as you show up and apply what you learn, you will be successful. When you have a misstep, the coaching is there to help you. This is one of the ways this program is different from others.

When are the calls

Calls are three times a month on Tuesdays at 11:00am. The first call is August 8th. Replays are made available within 48 hours.

Is this tax deductible?

Yes. Confirm for your unique financial situation but generally career coaching and education is a tax deductible expense. Further, your employer may reimburse for you for your investment as it directly impacts your results at work.

Have another question?

Email Melissa at or schedule a brief call using the link at the bottom of this page.

Reserve your seat!

Stop leading through trial and error, and become a strategic and confident people leader. 


What are the workshop topics?

Each month is a different workshop/training. Examples include: Leadership Philosophy, Creating Trust, Empowering Others, Managing Up, 1-1s, Team Buildings, and Development Planning

Here's what happens when you join...

Immediately after joining the program you will...

Get the details & Celebrate!

You will receive a welcome email with all the specifics about the calls and program materials. I'll be mailing your welcome package too!

relax until our first call

Our first call is August 8th. You will get access to the portal and Community August 1st so you can dig in early.

This program is the only leadership development community for the industry that...

is exclusive for women

This program is unique not only because of the material you will learn but because of who is learning with you.

You are surrounded by other women in Pharma/Biotech who are working with the same challenges as you. You will build a network and community that can last you for the rest of your career.

Imagine being in a space where you can bring your mess, your doubt, and your knowledge of what works. Where you can discuss real challenges women face. You will be a part of something that is bigger than your title.

And is designed to support your continued growth as a leader

BEING the leader you want to be is more than taking a few courses or reading a book. To change how you think about your self and learn and apply the skills needed, you need more than a quickie ;).

This is why The Stand Out Leader was created. There are new workshops or challenges every month. You will decide on one action to implement and you will take action and evaluate until you master it. This is the only leadership development program you need.

WOrkshops and coaching

leadership challenges

think tank calls with your peers

relevant and proven growth

One more thing

You want to join but you just have a quick question or two. Schedule a quick call with Melissa to ask any outstanding questions you have about the program.

Schedule a call

BIPOC, AAPI & LGBTQ+ Scholarship

At Your Worthy Career, LLC, we strive for an inclusive, safe, and equitable society. Our mission is to help women in Pharma/Biotech of all different backgrounds and walks of life have access to meaningful work and roles of influence. Together, we can change the industry, and the world, through our impact.

We offer a partial scholarship to The Stand Out Leader Incubator for a select number of individuals who identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Asian American and Pacific Islander, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning (BIPOC, AAPI & LGBTQ+) who are right for the program and could benefit. If this is you, and receiving a partial scholarship would make joining the program accessible, we encourage you to apply!


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