Isn't it time that you had the career you wanted?

Get a New Job, Get Promoted, or Upgrade Your Current Role

Get a New Job, Get Promoted, or Upgrade Your Current Role

It's time to stop feeling stuck. Beyond the Ceiling is a 4 month group coaching program for women in Pharma/Biotech that don't want to settle. Figure out what you want and create it without sacrificing your values or your personal life.

ENROLLMENT IS OPEN UNTIL MARCH 1st. schedule a consultation to join.


Welcome to
Beyond the Ceiling

The industry can make it difficult for women to advance, which is why you need a different approach.

You need to know exactly what you want, stopping the overthinking and instead use a proven process to have your dream job coming to you.

In Beyond the Ceiling this is what we do. You get clear on what you want and have a custom step-by-step plan to make it happen. All while improving your current work situation.

My Process was made for women in pharma/biotech

Erin got her dream job, a raise, and sign-on bonus

 I know what role is right for me. I know I’m exactly where I need to be now.

I was very undecided in my career and looking to others to help me decide what was best for me. I was used to making career choices based on what was presented to me rather than spending time to figure out what I really wanted.  Through coaching with Melissa, I now have confidence in my decisions and my career. 

Odette found her best ROLE and GOT PROMOTED

I recommend coaching with Melissa to anyone who wants SEE A CHANGE.

I thought she’d just help me figure out the next chapter in my career. I quickly realized she’s much more than a Career Coach. I grew so much!! I am more empowered, focused, and confident. Coaching with Melissa will change your life from day 01.

michelle had a role created for her and got a raise

Working with Melissa has helped me to gain focus in my career path.

I also found greater job satisfaction and used the information to transition into a position that more closely aligned with my passions. Melissa also coached me through navigating challenging relationships and tackling negative thoughts. I highly recommend working with Melissa!

Clinical Operations

Project Management

Translational Sciences

Brena went from laid off to dream job in weeks

By week two or three of the program, I was already getting an offer.

Melissa is amazing. I love the fact that the Beyond the Ceiling program really creates a structured environment with very unique input. There are so many tips and tools that you give us. There is so much information available in that that I had never even considered. I didn't even realize people would negotiate in the ways that you taught us about.

This is a community that's simultaneously exploring, improving themselves, and really helping to hold ourselves accountable to self-improvement, learning more about ourselves, and being bold in a way that helps us to attain our goals, where we realize what we are capable of, and it really helps us define where it is that we can go and realizing it's in our own hands. 

It's a mind blowing revelation of self-improvement. I'm confident in my decision making. I'm carrying myself differently as I talk to my own core leadership in the company. Both my CEO and my direct manager have seen the idea of leadership potential in me. I never considered the idea of having something catered to what I I want to be doing. I'm literally getting the ability to do all of the things I've asked.  I have more energy to hang out with my kids. My husband has noticed a huge difference. I can only go up from here.

Upstream Process Development

If You're Ready to:


Know exactly what you want out of your career and the steps to make it happen


Feel confident in the interview process and have opportunities coming to you


get a new job, get promoted, or upgrade your current role for what is best for you


drive your career in the direction that leverages your unique strengths and feels authentic to you

Then I’m ready to help you create just that.

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Let's break it down

How you will go beyond YOUR ceiling


measurable goals and progress evaluations

We Start with a Kick-Off Event

We kick off the program with a live virtual event where you will immediately shift your approach and get solutions to the problems you are experiencing right now. You will leave the kick-off with your measurable goals for the 4 months so you know exactly what you will achieve and how you know you've actually achieved it. You learn how to evaluate your progress and always know how to pivot as needed to ensure you're on track.


Know exactly what you want

Your Career Protocol

You will be guided through my Career Discovery process to build your unique Career Protocol. This will tell you exactly what you want, what level and company to go for, and take away all of your doubt in your next step. You will stop guessing. You will know all of your options, apply only to the right jobs, and be confident in your career direction.


work less and be more influential

Role Success Skills

It's time to shut out the unnecessary work and career trainings and focus on the only skills you need to make work easier now and help you grow and advance your career. You will communicate effectively at all levels with confidence and build the skill of influence. This will help you get what you want at your current job and position you to have dream job offers for your future.


earn more and get your dream job

Industry Disrupt Strategy

Long gone are the days of spending endless hours applying to jobs hoping to get a call back or hoping your boss gives you a chance. Instead, you have a step-by-step plan to get your dream job. Even if the role doesn't exist now, we will have it created for you with an easy yes from stakeholders. No money will be left on the table and you will advance as a woman in Pharma/Biotech with my
Industry Disrupt Strategy specifically for Pharma/Biotech.


your secret weapon

Support and Coaching

Every week you have access to 2 live coaching calls where you will go through our proven process and get coaching and support. You have blind spots you don't see that are stopping you from knowing what you want and getting it. Coaching helps you get results faster than any other development tool. A community of other women in the industry - your personal board of directors to support you leverage each other's networks and expertise. You belong here. It's a safe space to be you and practice your new skills.

A complete and innovative career development program that walks you through creating your unique Career Protocol, building your role success skills and disrupting the industry so you can have the career you want.

Here are the nuts and bolts of the program for how we work together.

Let's Dig Into The Program Assets

WHAT'S INSIDE the beyond the ceiling program

Pharma/Biotech specific strategies, templates, and tools to always have the job you want

Effective tools that will increase productivity and get you results

Hard copy materials with your roadmap are mailed to you upon enrollment

Tangible tools and resources you will use long after the program

Industry Specific Tools and Strategies Custom to You

workbook and tools

Leverage a network that will help you get into your next job faster

Celebrate your progress and provide support to your peers in a safe space

In between calls, ask questions to get on-demand support in our private community

Leverage the support, network and knowledge of other women in the industry

24/7 Support
Personal Board of Directors

A network of women in pharma/biotech

Call Replays and a Private Podcast to take the coaching on-the-go

A step-by-step roadmap to ensure you meet your program goals including monthly measured evaluations

Resume guidance, interviewing tips, job search strategies, and more on-demand

A private learning portal and podcast to get what you need when you need it

Beyond the Ceiling Portal and Podcast

On-demand training & support

Overcome blind spots, build confidence, and always know what to do at work

Real-time mentoring and coaching to improve your current job and get you into your next best role

Learn the Beyond the Ceiling process with live instruction and coaching

Live Career & Leadership Coaching Calls with Melissa twice each week

2 Group Coaching Calls Each Week

live Group coaching

schedule a consultation

Christina got certain in her career path

You make sure everyone feels included and has the opportunity to be heard.

I have really loved Beyond the Ceiling! I've gotten such meaningful support from you and the other women in the community; I've felt a genuine connection with the group; I definitely had some vulnerable moments, which was initially stressful, but looking up to see everyone nodding in support and validation gave me such a sense of belonging. 

Angie had her dream job created for her  & 2 promotions

Coaching is the best investment you can make in yourself.

I was a manager in a job I was frustrated with but a team I loved and didn't want to leave. Today I am an Associate Director (promoted twice since coaching with Melissa) in a job I love with a team I cherish.

Tugba got a promotion & moved into people management

Working with Melissa has changed my life!

As soon as Melissa assisted me to alígn my goals with my values and passion, all the synchronicities worked together and that dream job found me like a magic. Through her empowering sessions, I was able to onboard in my new role succesfully, lead my team with confidence and start delivering results in record time. 

Jen wrote her own job description and moved into a new role after her leadership told her no.

You are truly a great coach. I recommend you to anyone who is looking for Career Coaching.

I had the opportunity to write a job description for a new role that would support closing business critical gaps in my organization that also leverages my strengths and passion for strategy deployment and people development. I LOVE IT!.” 

Principal Scientist - R&D

Manufacturing Operations

Quality Assurance

Facilities & Engineering

How is this different?

Working hard and having an advanced degree won't get you promoted or the recognition you deserve.

You need a strategy that is specific to the industry, custom to you and that is proven to advance women in Pharma.

You aren’t learning how to have someone else’s career. You are creating your own path.

You aren’t taking a generic approach that worked for Joe Schmo and applying it to you. We are personalizing your plan to walk you step by step to where you want to go.

Worried you’ll screw it up? You can’t. 

My process works 100% of the time on every person at every level.

We are uncovering your blind spots and improving the way you think while building your professional skills and implementing a proven strategy to get you the career you want. No more self-sabotage or outdated advice.  Only tools and strategies that work. 

in just the first 30 days:

+ know exactly what needs to stay the same and what needs to change

+ work less hours while increasing your output

+ advocate for yourself and start prioritizing yourself and your needs

+ feel more confident in your value and your career 

i want this

Whatever you decide you want, you can create

Patty got clear and got promoted

Don't hesitate to hire Melissa as your Coach.

 I didn’t know what to expect. But over several months, we worked together to clarify goals (both work and life) and better understand my strengths and work styles. In turn, I learned how to reframe expectations, approach situations with a different mindset, and use my strengths to my advantage. 

Katherine got a new job and a promotion

Working with Melissa has helped me drive the impact I want to have in my career.

I used to fear the unknown but now, I embrace new possibilities. I used to be chronically indecisive; now, I make decisions with ease and with confidence in my intuition. I am experiencing unprecedented wins every week. Melissa's unique coaching style has completely transformed the way I show up to (and outside of) work. 

Sue started her own business

I gained the confidence I needed to quickly establish several consulting agreements.” 

I had rather low self-esteem at the beginning of coaching and could never have imagined myself as a consultant. I'm now working independently as a consultant - I get to work with different companies with completely different projects, I'm learning a lot and I'm more enthusiastic about my work. Coaching helped me see that I do have the skills and knowledge to excel at what I do.

Swathi transitioned from lab to management

Best ROI for investment in myself!

My heart is filled with gratitude and deep gratification that I took the leap of faith with the career coaching process. Working with Melissa, I now understand my work style, and equipped with the tools to be effective with other work styles; know my anchor points for success in the chosen career path; successfully transitioned into business and management space with great excitement for what is to come.

Operations Learning & Development

Quality Assurance

Drug Discovery

Alliance Management

When you add it all up, the total value is over $15,000, but you can get the career you want for an investment of $7,500! 🥳

BONUS #4 - Resume workshop and proven template that will get you noticed

BONUS #3 - Hard copy materials and welcome gift mailed to your home

BONUS #2 - Confident Decision Making for Overthinkers Workshop

BONUS #1 - Time Management for Women in Pharma/Biotech Program

And don't forget about these BONUSES 🪄

VALUE = Priceless

A network of women in Pharma/Biotech to learn from and support your growth

VALUE = $497

Private learning portal and private Podcast with call replays and resources available 24/7

VALUE = $8000

Personalized Coaching Calls with Melissa via Zoom 2x per week for 4 months

VALUE = $1497

Access to a Private + Supportive Online Community for on-demand support

VALUE = $1997

Influence and Communication skill mastery to stand out from the crowd and feel confident and empowered

VALUE = $3500

Your personalized Career Protocol, Industry Disrupt Strategy and Role Success Skills

Let's talk about everything you get when you join
Beyond the Ceiling

How to join
Beyond the Ceiling


Schedule a 30 minute consultation with Melissa to confirm your fit for the program. We will confirm you are a woman in Pharma/Biotech/Sciences and the goals you have for the program as well as answer any questions.


Once payment is received, you get immediate access to the Beyond the Ceiling portal with your pre-work and bonus materials so you can get results now. We kick off with our live virtual event 10am-12pm EST on March 15th.


When you are accepted, you will submit your payment within 48 hours (either in full or through a payment plan). You are now officially in. Congratulations!!

schedule a consultation

If you want this to be the year that you *finally*:

Know what you *really* want next

Stop sacrificing your personal life and overworking for a job you don't love

Get a new job or get promoted

Know how to answer "what do you want in 5 years?"

Get proven support to navigate career change

Build self-confidence and have the courage to go after what you want

Know what roles are really going to drive your career forward

schedule a consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me, even if I'm at ____level?

Yes. I have used this process for over 3 years and it works 100% of the time for every level.

Will you help me get promoted?

Yes. My clients have gotten up to 40% salary increases by working with me with this process.

What if I want to start a business? will this help me?

Yes. No matter what your ideal career path is, I help you achieve it.

how do you know what I want if I don't?

When you're stressed and frustrated, it makes your decision confusing but I clear up that clutter to make what you want clear. I have a process that helps you discover what you want in a way you've never done before and we create your Career Protocol. It's been tested and proven. It works 100% of the time. It will work for you.

What if it doesn't work for me?

It will. It has worked for every client. The process is structured and proven. If you follow the process, you will get results. There are monthly check-ins and feedback loops to ensure you get results.

is this a course?

No. This is live group coaching program with instruction and application during each call and 24/7 support in the private community.

IS this personalized to me?

Yes. I coach you directly and walk you through the process for your unique circumstances.

WHen are the calls?

Live calls are Tuesdays at 2pm EST and Thursdays at 11am EST. All calls are recorded and a replay is available within 48 hours.

Our virtual kick-off is March 15th.

have a question not answered here?

Send me a message at or better yet, schedule your consultation call.

If i am in between jobs right now, is this still for me?

Yes. In fact, now is the perfect time. You have even more time to focus on your growth and development. In our last round we had 2 members join that were part of a layoff and they both secured new roles within 3 weeks. You can't underestimate the power of support and a proven strategy.

If I don't want to change jobs right now, is it for me?

Yes! If you're happy where you are, or even if we've worked together 1-1 before, this is the space for you to build your next level skills, make your 3 year development plan, and fast-track your next promotion.

what happens when I join?

Once you submit your payment after our consultation call, you will get immediate access to the private portal. Your bonus courses and pre-work for our live event are waiting for you. The pre-work takes about 20 minutes.

Your materials will be mailed to you and on March 15th we come together to kick-off the program and create your measurable goals for our 4 months together. From there we work together to ensure your goals are met between our weekly calls of training and coaching and through our private community.

what happens on the consultation?

I will ask you some questions to learn more about what you want to achieve and confirm you are a good fit. You will have the chance to ask any questions you have so you can also confirm Beyond the Ceiling is a good fit for you. If it is, we will discuss next steps.

Hi, I'm              

Organizational Psychologist
Career & Life Coach
Fierce Advocate
No longer settles for "good enough"

I'm a former Talent & Development Leader in Pharma/Biotech turned CEO and Certified Professional Career & Life Coach. I also host the top-rated podcast, Your Worthy Career.

I've been where you are, and I am uniquely qualified to help you create the career you want without working more hours or settling for good enough.

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We Give Back in Support of our Mission

At Your Worthy Career, LLC, we strive for an inclusive, safe, and equitable society. Our mission is to help women in Pharma/Biotech of all different backgrounds and walks of life have access to meaningful work and roles of influence. Together, we can change the industry, and the world, through our impact.

We are on a mission to change the way that the industry looks and the experience of employees of all backgrounds. Our goal is for all women, especially women of color, LGTBQ+, or other marginalized groups, to have access to a safe and inclusive workplace, meaningful work and equitable pay.

A portion of all profit from our business is donated every year to non-profit organizations that support our mission.  Some of our most recent donations have been to ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and we became annual sponsors of Women in Bio - Capital Region, advancing women in the Life Sciences.