Go from feeling stuck to a career you love in 4 months

Go from feeling stuck to a career you love in 4 months

The only coaching program exclusively for women in Pharma/Biotech to design your unique career path and build the career skills you need to get a new job, promotion, or upgrade your role. Enrollment opens July 23rd.

Is it time for you to upgrade your career?

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upgrade my career

You’ve talked to your boss, you’re reading the books, going through development classes and working harder to take on extra projects at work….but you’re not seeing a difference in your career.

You’re wondering if you should hire a resume writer, get a PMP certification, a new degree or if maybe you need a new mentor. It just feels like your career is off track and it is making you doubt yourself more.

Why you're feeling stuck makes sense.

Although you’ve done your best to be proactive - you’re still not seeing the career growth, salary boost, or rOLE shift you’ve been searching for. 

AND guess what...

You don’t need to wait for permission, performance review 
season, the market to be better, or the “perfect” time.

It’s time to become the CEO of your Career.

Know exactly what role is best for your unique talents and skills

With my proven methods and coaching you will...

Be seen as a stand-out leader in Pharma/Biotech without having to sacrifice who you are or your values (no brosky tactics)



Feel just as confident in yourself as you do your technical skills (no more doubt and overthinking!)


Move into any role you want, even have your dream job created for you (budget-cuts, layoffs, and re-orgs don’t stop you)


Have the work/life balance you want so you can sleep better, feel less anxious and have more time for your family


i want thESE RESULTS

Communicate and influence others effectively at all levels so you get your brilliant ideas heard and stop your company from doing things inefficiently, making your job so much easier


"By week two or three of the program, I was already getting an offer. Melissa is amazing. I love the fact that the Beyond the Ceiling program really creates a structured environment with very unique input. "




Hear from Clients Who Have Gone Beyond the Ceiling....

Lead, Upstream Process Development

" I know what role is right for me. I know I’m exactly where I need to be now.Through coaching with Melissa, I now have confidence in my decisions and my career. "


got her dream job and a sign on bonus


Associate Director, Clinical Operations

As soon as Melissa assisted me that dream job found me like a magic.  I was able to onboard in my new role successfully, lead my team with confidence and start delivering results in record time. 




Manager, Quality Assurance

I'm Melissa, Your New Coach.

I know how you feel, because I was there too. I worked in the Pharma/Biotech industry for 12 years. 

In my last corporate role, I  led Talent & Development with AstraZeneca. I had a great job. I even had the role created for me (a strategy I teach my clients) but didn’t feel like it was “the one”. I felt like something was missing and I wanted to make a bigger impact.

Every promotion felt like I had to convince my leaders of the value of my work and male-dominated politics were exhausting.

I found a way to get ahead. I created a process to help other women in the industry do the same. I left the industry in 2020 to help women like you disrupt the industry norms and create the career you deserve using my unique combination of experience and expertise specific to the Pharma/Biotech industry.

I created Beyond the Ceiling to fill a gap for women like us.

hey there!

Beyond the Ceiling was created to serve women in Pharma/Biotech who want to be seen, heard, and respected for the work they do. 

 You deserve to have a career you love and make the impact only you can, without settling.

In this program you will solve your career problems for good.


You don’t need to search for a dream job. You can create it.


Beyond the Ceiling is the only career development program where you design your unique career path in Pharma/Biotech and build the communication and self-advocacy skills to advance your career, all within 4 months.

You no longer have to struggle alone, wonder if you’re making the wrong choice, or go the long way to getting the career you want (or worse - never achieve it!)

You achieve your unique career upgrade alongside other women in the industry and are led by an industry career expert who gets it and cares about you meeting your goals as much as you do.

 In our very first call together you will define your unique career upgrade using a structured and measurable process. You will immediately feel a change in what is possible for your career and see new opportunities you don’t see now. You will have a clear plan on what you will work on and achieve in our 4 months together.

Step-by-step you will build your Career Protocol with me (my clients call this a "game-changer"!) Within 30 days you will have a complete Career Protocol that is unique to you. This invaluable resource tells you exactly what role(s) are best for you, what needs to change in your current role, and what companies and leaders are the best fit for you. You will feel confident in what you want and be able to communicate what your dream role is. This takes the guess-work out of what role to apply for, where to find them, or what to put in your development plan at work.

Here is how Beyond the Ceiling takes you from feeling stuck to having the career you want step-by-step.

Kick-Off Event

Your Career Protocol

feature one

feature tw0

You will become a confident decision maker who no longer doubts or overthinks her decisions. You will become confident in who you are and the value you bring and be able to communicate effectively with all levels. You will learn to “people read” others using the DiSC tool and discover your blind spots and overcome them with my Leadership Blind Spot Window. You will make even your most difficult colleague easy to work with and break the cycle of getting great performance reviews without any critical feedback, but still not get promoted. You will be in control of your career and change what is possible for you in the future.

Upgrade Your Skills to be seen as a Leader

feature four

Once we know what you want, I provide you a personalized strategy to disrupt the industry norms and get it. You take action and get coaching and support every step of the week using the Opportunity Magnet Framework. You have access to industry specific job search and advancement strategies your boss or HR don't tell you about. You no longer feel like you have to be “the chosen one” to advance. You never feel like you’re just waiting. You always know what you need to do. We identify the hidden doors to your career advancement and you get the job you want, even if you’ve already been told “no”.

Disrupt the Industry Strategy

feature Three


When you know what you want, have the right strategy for women in industry, build your confidence and upgrade your work skills, the only thing left is to upgrade your visibility as a thought leader. Whether it’s your resume, your LinkedIn profile, your network or reputation, you will have the tangible assets and visibility to be seen as the talented expert you are.

Upgrade Your Visibility

feature FIVE

4 months of hands-on career development

Coaching Calls 2x per week

Career Coach Hotline

Industry Network

Private Podcast

Skill Building Portal

What is waiting for you inside Beyond the Ceiling

The 4-month duration provides enough time to address the root cause of your career issues, build sustainable skills that will advance your career for years to come, and solve your pain points for good. Unlike a one-time call, you have time to think, dream, brainstorm, and decide what you want next in your career. If you hit a roadblock, you have time to bring your questions and get support. You never sabotage yourself or give up.

You always have a place to ask questions, learn from others, and get expert thoughts on your unique career goals and circumstances. Coaching is a scientific process. This is where we apply proven tools and strategies to YOUR unique career situation. Leave every call with a clear plan of action.

We have 2 coaching calls each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Within 48 hours get personalized feedback and coaching on every career question between calls. Submit your resume, LinkedIn profile, and Career Protocol for review. You will get direct feedback even if you miss a call and never have to worry about failing or not following the program “right”.

Engage with other women in Pharma/Biotech and have a chance to network, connect, help each other with referrals, and have a safe space to learn from others. This is a favorite of our members; you see you’re not alone and learn so much faster. You have a community with 24/7 access.

All coaching calls are recorded and available in your portal and in a private podcast feed, only available to members. You can take the program with you anywhere.

Have a chance to build your skills in interviewing, negotiating, communication skills, asking for a promotion, and other career building skills in bite-sized lessons with worksheets and tools for you to access 24/7. Our portal has an app so you can get the answers you need, when you need them, from anywhere you are.

the curriculum

Look inside your Skills Portal

Scroll through to see what is inside your 6-module skill building portal that covers everything you need to upgrade your career. 

No long, boring lectures here. Only bite-sized videos, templates, worksheets, and hands-on exercises that get you results in record time.

When you enroll, you get instant access to our exclusive portal. Here is what is inside.



Program Fundamentals

Learn everything you need to know to be successful in the program and guarantee your results....

  • How to be successful in the program
  • Coaching is a scientific process
  • Dream career identity and being the CEO of your career
  • Evaluating your progress


Module two

Design Your Career Path

Create your unique Career Protocol and plan your career future. In this module you will:

  • Create your Career Protocol
  • How to use your Career Protocol
  • Create your 3 year Career Plan
  • Feel confident navigating the performance review cycle



Reduce Anxiety and Feel More Confident

No more doubt and overthinking, feel confident in yourself, your value, and ability to handle any problem. Lessons include:

  • Confidence is a skill - where it comes from and how to get more of it
  • Understanding and changing thoughts about myself
  • Confident decision making
  • Why do I think, feel, do what I do?
  • Feel in control and calm anxiety


module four

Get a New Job or Promotion

This is where you will implement Pharma/Biotech specific strategies to land your dream job now and for the rest of your career:

  • How to know what job is the right one
  • Conducting informational interviews that lead to job interviews and offers
  • Identifying your transferable skills and how to get jobs without direct experience
  • Where to find the best Pharma/Biotech jobs
  • Hidden ways to advance your career in Pharma/Biotech
  • Make a business case for your promotion
  • Prepare for your interview
  • Evaluate your interview
  • What to do if you haven’t gotten a “Yes”
  • Successful first 90 days without overworking
  • Life Sciences Recruiter workshop with hidden secrets of the industry and best practices for navigating the job market

When you enroll, you get instant access to our exclusive portal.
Here is what is inside.


module five

Upgrade Your Skills

Build the communication and work skills to be successful in any role and solve your immediate pain-points

  • Communicate and influence effectively
  • Managing up and difficult conversations
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Get more time in your schedule
  • Create your ideal work/life balance


module six

Upgrade Your Visibility

You know what you want, now we upgrade your visibility to get you more opportunities and job offers. Get ready to:

  • Upgrade your resume
  • Upgrade your LinkedIn profile
  • Be an Opportunity Magnet with my proven Framework
  • Upgrade your Reputation and How People See You
  • Upgrade your Network and Build Strategic Relationships

Back to the Start

Resources on demand 24/7

Plan based on your unique goals


Follow a proven roadmap

When you apply within 48 hours of open enrollment (between July 23rd-July 25th) and are accepted, you’ll get an exclusive bonus: 1:1 call where we'll solve your biggest career problem so you can get unstuck and start making progress right away.

Get a 1-1 with Melissa when you apply by July 25th


The Enrollment Process
(as easy as 1-2-3)

Complete an application that tells me more about you and your goals.(This program is only for women in Pharma/Biotech)


If you are a good fit, you'll have the chance to book a call with Melissa to confirm your decision, or make your payment.


Once you make your payment, you get immediate access to the program materials. Our first live call is August 23rd.



What makes Beyond the Ceiling the unmatched program for women Pharma / Biotech professionals...

Measured, tracked, holistic support. No cookie cutter advice here.

Measured and Tracked: Our work together is measured, tracked, and evaluated so we ensure you meet your goals because if you get off track - we catch it and pivot!

Holistic Support: Not just Resume / LinkedIn Profile review like a generic career coach - we look at your entire career path, goals, and desires and give you step-by-step actions you can take to make it happen so your career aligns with the authentic you and is specific to the industry. You are led by an expert in career and talent development from Pharma/Biotech with a background in Organizational Psychology so you understand why people do what they do and you can win the game of work.

No cookie cutter advice: With the Career Protocol, you’ll be following advice that is unique to YOU and your career goals. This program works for anyone at any stage or technical expertise from Specialist to Senior Director. Instead of looking at your resume to tell you “what makes sense”, we identify your unique skills and talents, even your transferable skills, and define that missing piece for YOUR career. Every tool and strategy is proven and applied to your unique situation which is what makes this program work even when other training, books, or mentors didn’t.

Pharma/biotech specific career development created for busy women in industry

Pharma/Biotech Specific Career Development: What you learn here you won’t learn anywhere else, even at work. It is industry specific from our hidden strategies for advancement, industry specific job search strategies, the life sciences recruiter workshop to the work skills proven to be the ones that matter most for our industry. You leverage the expertise and connections of the other women in the group from all different roles and companies.

Created for busy women In Pharma/Biotech: Even if you can’t attend the calls or regularly participate in the community - you’re able to get personalized and high-touch support week after week. We have clients who haven’t been able to attend all the calls and they were able to get into a new job, get promoted, be more effective and create their ideal career.

This      for you if:

You're a woman in industry at the specialist to sr. director level

you are not in the pharma/biotech industry

you like the idea of having a community to connect and grow with

you don't identify as a woman

you're tired of not prioritizing yourself and your goals

It's probably       for you if...

you are not open to changing your approach



It's probably
for you if...

you are open to a new way ot approaching career development

you are not willing to share or talk in a group 

you want more than just a good job on paper

you have struggled to maintain employment due to poor performance

you consider yourself a high-achiever who cares about her career

you would prefer 1-1 private coaching

You have so much more power over your career path than you realize. Beyond the Ceiling will help you build the skills you need to attain any career path, salary, or role you desire....

The only thing stopping you....is you

"I had the opportunity to write a job description for my new role...

that would support closing business critical gaps in my organization that also leverages my strengths and passion for strategy deployment and people development. I LOVE IT! You are truly a great coach. I recommend you to anyone who is looking for Career Coaching.


Got into her dream job after being told "no" from leadershp

Yes, It Really Works

"I have really loved Beyond the Ceiling!"

You make sure everyone feels included and has the opportunity to be heard.I have really loved Beyond the Ceiling! I've gotten such meaningful support from you and the other women in the community; I've felt a genuine connection with the group; I definitely had some vulnerable moments, which was initially stressful, but looking up to see everyone nodding in support and validation gave me such a sense of belonging. 


got certain in her career path and improved her effectiveness

"Working with Melissa has helped me drive the impact I want to have in my career.

 I used to be chronically indecisive; now, I make decisions with ease and with confidence in my intuition. I am experiencing unprecedented wins every week. Melissa's unique coaching style has completely transformed the way I show up to (and outside of) work. 


GOT A NEW jOB, PROMOTION and sign-on bonus

"I successfully transitioned into business and management space 

Best ROI for investment in myself!My heart is filled with gratitude and deep gratification that I took the leap of faith with the career coaching process. Working with Melissa, I now understand my work style, and equipped with the tools to be effective with other work styles; know my anchor points for success in the chosen career path.


Transitioned from lab to alliance management

"Beyond the Ceiling is a transformative program. Without a doubt, I recommend it!

The career protocol provided was a game-changer for me. I feel confident in my career decision and next step. That “ah-ha” moment that I had during a coaching session review of my personal protocol was altering and amazing. I also gained added confidence in myself.  I feel like I can speak up when needed and not have the fear that I previously did in certain situations, specifically with upper-level management. 


got certain in her path and became a confident leader

Associate Director, Facilities and Engineering

Principal Scientist, R&D

Quality Assurance Specialist

Alliance Manager

Director, Project Managment

"I was able to transition into a position that more aligned with my passions.

Working with Melissa has helped me to gain focus in my career path.I also found greater job satisfaction and used the information to transition into a position that more closely aligned with my passions. Melissa also coached me through navigating challenging relationships and tackling negative thoughts. I highly recommend working with Melissa!


Got her dream job created for her and a raise

Director, Translational Sciences

When does enrollment end and when does Beyond the Ceiling start?

Enrollment ends August 6th and we kick-off with our virtual kick-off event on August 23rd.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the weekly calls?

Tuesdays at 2pm EST and Thursdays at 11am EST

What if I can't attend all the calls?

You don’t have to attend all of the calls to get results. Replays are available within 24 hours on a private podcast feed and in the program portal. You can get the coaching you need using the Community and Career Coach Hotline features at any time to get personalized feedback and coaching. Most members miss calls for vacations, meeting conflicts, etc. and it never impacts their results.

Do I need to be a certain level or part of Pharma/Biotech to join?

No. The Beyond the Ceiling process has been used with women in all areas of the industry from lab positions to office roles. It has been used successfully with women early-mid career to more experienced. It works for every woman in industry.

Do you offer refunds?

No. You receive both digital and hard copy material with detailed processes, teachings, tools and strategies when you join. Because of this, I do not offer refunds. With that said, 100% of my clients in the industry have been happy with their investment. 

Do I need to be employed to join?

No. If you were impacted by a lay-off or are in-between jobs, now is a great time to join. You will know with certainty what role is best for you and get your new job faster while ensuring you are successful as you transition into your new job.

Will this work for me if my company is going through a re-org or budget cuts right now?

 Yes. Re-orgs and changes to an organization are a great opportunity to influence having your ideal role created for you. In the program you’ll learn how to use this strategy and get direct support to navigate your changing workplace and still achieve your goals.

I have another question.

If you're interested in joining but have a question or two before confirming enrollment, submit your application. The application does not obligate you to enrolling and gives you the option to schedule time with Melissa to discuss your questions.

It’s time to stop waiting for permission, performance review season, or the perfect time - and get back in the driver’s seat of your career path.

This program will show you how.

I made this program for women like you. Women who feel stuck, who want something better but don’t know what it is or how to get it. You stop yourself from speaking up, are worried what people think of them and even though you are accomplished, doubt yourself, feel you might be driving your career in the wrong direction, can feel anxious, and just want something better.

Beyond the Ceiling follows a proven process that has helped over dozens of women create career clarity and build the skills to get a new job, promotion, or upgrade their roles.

As soon as you’ll enroll - you’ll be invited to our Kick-off call where you’ll meet other industry professionals and learn strategies that immediately reveal new opportunities you don’t see now. You’ll then get instant access to our portal where you can start to clarify your dream career and see the exact steps to take to make it your reality.

I want you to know that if you’re reading this and meet the criteria to join, you belong in Beyond the Ceiling.


It’s time to go Beyond the Ceiling.

Enroll today and let’s carve a unique-to-you career path and build the skills you need to step into your dream role that offers the opportunities, salary, and responsibilities you desire.

It’s time to stop waiting for next time, scrolling job boards, or reading generic advice that doesn’t apply to the Pharma / Biotech industry. It’s time to feel clear, confident, and back in control of your career.

You're in the right place.


I completely understand. Submit your application and choose the option to set up a call with Melissa. She will answer your questions and address your concerns so you can make a decision you feel good about.

On the fence?