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Tune in for a glimpse of what it’s like inside the program. If you are wondering what else is out there for you or what your next best career move is – give this a listen.

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Welcome to Navigating Your Career, the only podcast that blends personal development, professional skills and psychology to help you get happy at work and live the life you want. If you want to stop feeling stuck and start are feeling better, this is the place for you. I’m your host, Melissa Lawrence. Let’s get started.

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of the podcast. We are in mid July, and the summer always goes by so fast. And so if you don’t want to think about it, I’m sorry that I just mentioned that to you. Now that everything is opening up, more things are just getting busier than ever. Everyone I talk to I know is just like running around, enjoying vacations, doing all of the fun things.

And in this week’s episode, I am going to take a little break from summer vacation and talk to you about Career Path Navigator. So this is my signature program that answers the question, what is your next best career move? And enrollment is happening right now, so of course we need to talk about it here. Now, it opens July 17 and I’m taking applications through July 25. In this episode, I’m going to talk to you about why I created this program and what you get and do in this program and even what some of the current members say about it so that you can get kind of a behindthescenes look, because this is just so exciting.

It’s so exciting to share this with you. It’s so exciting to be able to offer this to you. And the summer is a great time to get started on this. So let’s talk about why I created this program. So I created it for a few reasons.

There is a gap in the pharma biotech industry and really the career development area in general. We’re taught to make career decisions based on what we have always done before, generic assessments or looking at what we’re qualified for based on our resumes. But that doesn’t really help the people that I work with. I work with people who have created success in their career, but they aren’t fulfilled. They aren’t as happy as they could be.

They’re not challenged. They want to make a bigger impact. They want to solve problems that they like to solve, that they know that they can make a big impact with. They want to grow personally and professionally and really achieve career success on their terms. So when you’re feeling stuck, how can you really know what your next best move is?

And that is what Career Path Navigator is for. It’s to help you create a career and a role that is aligned with who you really are, the impact that you want to have, and to make the change that is going to best align with you and your life, even when you don’t know where to start to answer that question. And this problem of not knowing what your next best move is a feeling stock of being unhappy in your career. This is the number one problem that people come to me for. And so that is the second reason that I created this program.

I have a process that I created and have tested for years when I worked in the pharma industry and in my own practice and it always works and I’ve just continued to make it better and better. So I thought, okay, there’s this gap and I can help fill that gap. How can I make this process more accessible, how can I make it even better? How can I help more people know what they want for their career path and feel really confident about it while also building the skills to always be able to answer this question for themselves. And that is how this program was born.

And I want to point out that last piece around always being able to answer this question for yourself. So of course coaching always has a place, but I don’t coach or provide services. So that you have to always work with me. My goal in working with you is for you to be able to learn the skills, learn the tools, have the shifts in your thinking, so that you can always create the results that you want. Even without me, you can coach yourself, you know what skills to build on, you know what tools to use that I share with you.

So like that philosophy that is no different in career path navigator you get a process that you will be able to use time and time again. So if you’re in your career and you get really happy and you love everything you’re doing, in five years from now, your interests have changed, your passions have changed, your lifestyle has changed and you find yourself in the place that you are trying to figure out the next move again, you will always have that process, you’ll always have the skills you’ve created, you’ll always have the tools to fall back on, so you can always create that sustainable success. So the third thing that I want to mention and why I created this program is I have been where my clients are. I was in a great job and I had everything that I wanted on paper, I had worked really hard to achieve the level of success that I had and I could have kept on that path, but I wanted to make a bigger impact. In fact, when I left that role it came to as a shock to a lot of people because I had a bright future ahead of me with a very large reputable pharma company.

But I wanted to do things my own way and I had that feeling that there was something more for me. And so because I have that experience, I can really resonate with my clients and it helps me help them even better than someone who maybe is outside the industry or has never felt like my clients have, because I not only have the proven process, but I have the experience of going through that myself and with administering and facilitating that process with a ton of people over the last few years. So if you want to feel confident in your career path, to know your next move with certainty, to make career decisions that you feel really good about, and stop wondering what else is out there for you, feeling like you’re settling or worrying, you won’t have the impact that you’re capable of, then simply put, Career Path Navigator is for you. And I wish I had a program like this when I felt stuck in my career, when I thought I could do more, when I wished I knew the role that would be the right fit for me. So in Career Path Navigator, you get everything you need to decide your next career move.

You learn the skills to always decide what you want. You get the strategy to make your moves. You never have to wonder, settle, or question yourself again. And my biggest hope for everyone, whether you’re a client who pays me or a client or student of my work, is that you never settle for good enough, that if you want more in your career, that you believe you can have it, and that you go after it, that you normalize the way your brain works and stop letting it make you feel bad or stop you from what you really want, that you’re able to make the impact that only you can, because honestly, only you can. The way that you approach things, the way that you solve problems, is unique to you.

My clients tend to be smart, high achievers who want to test their potential and see what they are capable of. They have a desire to make a difference in their work, and we need that. We need you. The world will be a better place when you are authentically you with meaningful work and being in the level of leadership and influence that you want to be. And that is all very possible for you.

And I want you to see that it doesn’t really matter what your job says is available, what you see on an organizational chart, you can literally have your own role created for you. You can define your work, and it’s not complicated, it’s not hard. This is what I hope you do in Career Path Navigator. So let’s get into the juicy details. So this is what you get in Career Path Navigator.

This is the detail of what this is. You get the proven process and worksheets. You get a workbook because it’s all about application in your private member portal. This beautiful portal has bitesized video lessons with everything you need to know in order to follow the process and identify your next best move, to create a plan for it to actually happen, and to evaluate your progress along the way. And this is all available 24/7.

So you can go at your own pace. You can do it no matter what time zone you’re in, no matter what part of the world that you’re in. And I love sending my clients gifts. So all new members are going to get a hard copy workbook and bonus materials sent straight to your door. And the current members love the workbook and hard copy, they like to take it with them everywhere that they go.

I have a member in Crypto Navigator that says she just keeps it in her bag, in her purse, and if she has a few minutes here and there, she will pull it out. And she always loves having a resource where she can learn something new about herself and that can keep her on track and making progress towards her goals and getting happy in her career. So I will guide you in Career Path Navigator to create your own career protocol. So this is going to be unique to you and it’s going to outline exactly what you want in your career. The work you want to do, the title you want to have, the level of influence you want to have, the problems you want to solve, the money you want to make, the culture of the company you want to work in, the companies that fit that type of culture.

All of that is going to be created in this program in a document called your Career Protocol. And I’m going to guide you step by step into how to know what goes in your career protocol and how to override your conscious thinking. Because a lot of times when we’re looking to make these career decisions, we’re basing it on what we’ve done before and what we think makes sense for us and not necessarily what we really want or what is possible. And so my process is fail proof and that we’re going to use some of that information, some of those skills, interests and things you have, but we’re also going to be pulling out things that maybe you’ve never thought of before or things that have been buried, and I’m going to help you pull those out so that you have this really powerful career protocol that’s going to become a decision making tool for you, where when you’re looking at jobs that you might want to apply for, you’re going to be able to quickly look at this and know if this is a good fit for you. It is going to be the best thing for your career development and to get you into the job that you want and to prevent you from settling, it’s going to be in black and white right there for you.

And you’re also going to get the opportunity to get coached every single week on our live calls for six months. If you miss a call, you can access the replay on your private members only podcast. So the coaching calls are where we overcome obstacles. You ask your questions, you celebrate your progress, and cover everything related to you knowing and getting into the job that you want. So if you need help negotiating your salary, influencing your leadership, understanding how to get a role created for you, feeling stuck as you’re going through the Career Path Navigator process.

All of it is coached on in our weekly calls. We even coach on fear that can come up when it comes to making a change. Feeling confused, doubting yourself, not making time all of these things come up in Career Path Navigator as you navigate this process. So it really prevents you from getting off track and also sabotaging your own efforts. You’ll never have to wonder what to do again.

And you’re going to have me personally as your expert guide to coach you every step of the way. Now, you’re going to get your questions answered and we’re going to celebrate your progress as much as you want. In the private LinkedIn community, this is where the current members gather to celebrate each other, ask for coaching between calls, post questions and share their evaluations, which is a process that I teach you in the program. So everything has been thought of for you. There is even a bonuses section where you get extra resources on interviewing, networking, getting promoted, just some added tips and steps to work on to get you into the role that you want as quickly and effectively as possible.

And the best part is that you know for sure what it is that you want. You’re not accepting what is available. You’re not looking at what would make sense. You’re not looking@an.org chart, you’re not guessing. You’re not doing something because you think you should.

You’re really getting confident in who you are and in what you want. And you take that with you for the rest of your career. So the cost to join is $3,000. You pay one time or you can choose monthly payments and pay $500 over six months. There is no added fee for monthly payments.

The choice is yours. How you make that investment. Now, there is a small I want to mention this is a small group program and everyone in the program is in the pharma biotech industry. Now, it doesn’t mean that this is where you have to stay, but that is where everyone is starting. So an added benefit is you get to network and engage with people who understand the pain points of the industry and may even lead to a role referral.

This is one of the greatest things that people really enjoy about this program is that group piece. At first people have thought, oh, I’m not sure about getting coached in front of other people, or I don’t know if I want to share my concerns or struggles with others. But this has turned out to be one of the most beneficial pieces of this program is it normalizes the struggles that you’re having. You’re building that community, and you’re seeing that there are people just like you. People enroll above you or below you going through the same thing, and you’re all able to grow more quickly and get faster results by benefiting from each other’s questions and each other’s coaching.

So let’s talk about what other members have said that joined Career Path Navigator earlier this year. So, DJ works in quality control, and this is what they say about their experience. Career Path Navigator is a great program. I love the workbook. We spend so much time chasing the right career and quotes that we lose ourselves.

It not only helps me know what to do with my career, but it helps me learn more about myself so that I make decisions. For me, just knowing I have the tools helps me a lot. I never have to worry about finding the answer. And now let’s hear what Odette has to say. Odette works in project management, and this is what she says.

Since joining Career Path Navigator, I speak up with absolute confidence in what I know. I also ask for what I want and remind my leadership about the promises they made when I was hired. If you are ready to make the change you’ve been waiting for, this is the place for you. But you have to do the work. If you leverage the coaching calls, you will reap magnificent rewards.

If you use the tools provided wisely, you will reap magnificent rewards. If you don’t give up on yourself, you will reap magnificent rewards. And finally, I’m going to show what Raphaella has to say who works in analytical development, and she says, I love being in this program. Melissa has helped me know more of what I want, advocate for myself, and keep me on track with my goals. This kind of mentorship and coaching isn’t typically available for women, and it is so needed.

It is definitely worth it. Okay? And I also want to celebrate a couple of other members who just recently were offered new roles, and they’re making big moves, and their names are anonymous because they’re in the career transition process. So they aren’t just moving into a new role, they’re actually relocating to a new state to do something that is aligned with that career protocol that they created in the program. And so I’m so happy to share the progress and the winds of our current members with their permission, so that you can get a glimpse into what it’s like inside the program.

So how can you join us? Applications are open now through July 25. Why is there an application? If you’ve been listening to me for a while, I haven’t had an application in the last round. So you might wonder, why is this an application now?

What is happening? So I am curating a group of pharma biotech professionals that are a good fit not just for you, but for the others in the group and this process. Because I don’t want to just take your money. I want you to feel really good about this program and excited to join us, even if you’re a little nervous. That’s totally normal.

I also owe it to you and the other members to be sure that this is a group that is industry professionals, right? That’s what I’m promising is that is what the space is. So I want to be sure that that is who you are before you join. And just like my one on one coaching, I have a call, actually, so that I can answer any questions and make sure that I can help the person, and also so that we can see that we’re a good fit, because coaching can be a vulnerable process sometimes, and I want to be sure that this is a good fit for you and it’s a good fit for me in this program. So the application isn’t about you being good enough.

It’s more about fit so that you and the other members can have the best experience and get the results that you came for. So submit your application by July 25. I will include a link in the show notes to the Career Path Navigator page on my website, which includes the link to the application. If you want to see what else is out there for you to stop feeling stuck, to be confident in your career path, to know you’re on the right track, to be able to get into a better role, even better paid, and without working more hours, I really encourage you to imply I will review all applications and get back to you no later than July 27 to confirm your acceptance. You will then have about 24 hours to submit your payment either in full or that first monthly payment, and you will get access to the member portal to get started right away on July 29 in the very first coaching call is going to be August 3.

So you can review all of this information in the transcript of this podcast episode or over on my website at www.melissamlawrence.com/navigator and I can’t wait to invite you in to see what you’re capable of to help you find your path to happiness at work. And the last thing that I want to leave you with is this if you want to know your next best career move and feel authentic within your career, feel that you’re making the impact that you want to. If you wonder what else is out there for you, I really want you to consider joining us.

My wife Ellen and I talk about occasionally on the show told me for two years to leave the job that I was in. I spent two years convincing myself that I didn’t need help, that I could figure it out, that it wasn’t a good time, that what I had was good enough. I tried to silence that inner voice of mine for two years. But then I took action. I hired my own coach.

And if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have the career I have today. Staying where you are is always an option. But if you want more and you think this is a good fit for you if you think I’m a good fit for you, then say yes to yourself. You won’t regret it. Have an amazing week.

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